A person of extreme phisical attractiveness, with the eyes of a goddess, hair of a model, and the breasts of a stripper.
Verb- To sway, or walk in a way that makes males sweat.
Damn, I wish my girlfriend was a Kelly.
I couldn't help myself. She Kellied passed me and I fell in love.
de yoGiboyy 19 Martie 2007
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The most wonderful girl I will ever meet, she's pretty, smart, kind, funny....I could go on forever! I love her and she doesn't even know it...Definately the coolest person in the world.
"See her? That's Kelly she's the coolest person ever!"
de willywally 23 Ianuarie 2009
the coolest person you will ever meet. may be irish or canadian but who the fuck cares cause canadians are pretty fucking sweet
Person 1:yo its kelly, she's awesome brah.
Person 2: yeah i know man. she's from canada!
de wait what?! 11 Februarie 2008
an amazingly smart, tall, beautiful girl with brown hair. shes athletic and competitive and never likes to lose. shes incredibly smart and doesnt judge. she listens to you and holds you in times of weakness. shes liked by everyone and is extremely outgoing and one of the funniest people you will ever meet. even though sometimes it may not be what you want to hear shes completely honest and doesnt hide anything. she is sexy and knows her boundries even though sometimes she may not be able to enforce them. shes incredibly passionate and makes you feel like the most amazing person in the world. even if you dont think so yourself. she'll make you want to do anything and everything to keep her happy. even if sometimes you may suffocate her and not even realize it because youre blinded by love. shes complicated yet simple. shes a puzzle, and if you want to complete her you need to work for her and prove youre worthy. shes the kind of person that makes you want to wake up in the morning even when you dont think you can. shes the kind of person that makes you want to go to sleep even if youre afraid, so the night goes by faster and you can wake up in the morning and hold her again. shes the person that even if youre upset or mad at you cant stay mad at for long, in fear that you might lose her. shes overall someone you never want to lose, hurt, upset, make cry, or make upset. shes someone that you would do anything for, no matter the cost, physically or emotionally.
dude youre dumb if you can be mad at her, shes a kelly.

i would pay or do anything for her, shes a kelly.

shes to good for you, you dont deserve someone like kelly.
de im sorry babygirl <3 23 Mai 2010
Kelly (pronounced /ˈkɛli/) is an Irish origin given name and surname. It's been adapted to mean "Brave Warrior" in many English language armies (for example, the Irish Army, British Army, and Australian Army), and "Warrior Princess" by American popular culture. Kelly is the second most common family name in Ireland (after Murphy).Originally an Anglicised form of the ancient Irish Gaelic name Ceallach, possibly meaning "bright-headed", "strife", or "church, monastery".

Kelly is fierce!
de Woman Warrior 06 Februarie 2009
hottest girl on the planet. one who gives pleasure in the all right places. will rock your cock all night long
"i had kelly last night, she fucked me like a pornstar"
de jason2469 25 August 2008
The one I still love even after all has been lost
I should have written this when you still loved me; now it is only I who love
You are so strong; so many obstacles that you have overcome

The only woman I have ever loved who loved me back… and such love
My soul mate; my one chance at happiness

From the first moment I saw you on Easter Monday in that parking lot my breath was taken away; I can still see it and it’s nearly been a year.
We drank coffee, we walked and we shopped; it was like nothing I had ever imagined, so natural, so right. Such a beautiful first date

Your inner beauty as well as your appearance; your intelligence, your humour, everything truly indescribable
I didn’t write this when we were together because no words can describe my feelings for you; I am still struggling now. You are amazing.
You deserve the sweetest poetry, the most beautiful song. Every flower, every song bird in the world pales even next to your reflection.
How can I describe you or my feelings about you; I have tried and all I have done is pushed you away. I have made so many mistakes; I have run out of chances but the loss… the loss is eternal.

I failed to be truly honest with you; I should have told you how much I was still in love with you when I had the chance. The risk of losing you from my life altogether, of losing you as my friend held me back. It was the wrong choice as I have lost you now. I have lost me.

We should have done so much more, made so many more memories. We both should have tried so much harder.
We should have met in the spring, so many things I wanted to share with you in the summer; but the summer is not ours

This is not what I wanted to write; it was never going to be enough anyway; you are beyond words.
Every part of me, the very fibre of my soul aches for you now.
If I only had one wish; it would always be you
I love you Kelly
I will always miss you

Sunday 10/01/2010
de sandy28 16 Martie 2010
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