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Probably any mature person with at least a modicum of taste, dignity and the ability to resist countless cringe-worthy marketing schemes from soulless entities such as (mainly) the Disney corporation.
an example of something you may hear from the mouths of so called 'Jonas brothers haters' when prompted:

"I think for myself."

Enough said!
de SlimTony 09 Iunie 2009
The retard above me is tottally wrong about them. A Jonas Brothers Hater is someone who has hit puberty, unlke the person above me who is probably a nine year old girl like the rest of the Jonas Brothers Fans. This is someone who has a good taste in music and has lots of friends because they have a good taste in music. Guy Jonas Brothers fans dont like them because most actually know a good singing voice, Girl Jonas Brothers hate them because of the same reason and also have a better taste in men unlike their fans who drool over their 3 centimeter dick's.
Jonas Brothers walk by...and a bunch of 9 year old girls follow.

Boy Jonas Brothers Hater: Wow look at those faggots, even I could sing better than them.

Girl Jonas Brothers Hater: They are so ugly, I feel sorry for all those 9 year old girls drooling over their 3 centimeter dick.

9 year old girl: Shut up! Ur just jelous because your not as famous as they are! Your just jealous! (x10).

*9 year old girl gets beat up by both of them*

Boy Jonas Brothers Hater: Hey wanna go out?

Girl Jonas Brothers Hater: Sure!
de Im A Jonas Brothers Hater 22 August 2009
Anyone who got a least a taste for real music
Some Bitch"Fuck you!!, Jona brother are hot and know what their singing,you Jonas Brothers Hater!!" Me(having a conversation about i don't like the Homobrother and then interrupted by a 13 year old girl that came from no where)" Know what they singing?!!,then don't know what their singing first it about sex,then go on about purity ring,if you want music try Frank Sinatra" Some bitch"Who that singer that my dad like?, old and not music!!" Me"Sigh" they know nothing these day"
de Nelson666 07 Septembrie 2009
There are known definitions:-
1. People who hate the Jonas Brothers. (No, really?)
2. People who hate the Jonas Brothers because, according to the Jonas Brothers Haters' enemies, the Jonas Brothers Fangirls, they are 'hawter' or more 'famouse' than the Jonas Brother Hater.
3. A group of mainly 13-17 year old boys who are homophobic and would feel 'gay' if they said they liked the Jonas Brohers. (DISREGARD THIS DEFINITION. IT IS HIGHLY INACCURATE.)
4. Synonyms for awesome.
I am one of the Jonas Brothers Haters. I'm female.
de The Infinite Sadness 31 Mai 2009
A person who can think for themselves and resist bubblegum pop the media floods them with
Did you see those Jonas Brothers Haters? They were the only ones to pass the test.
de AlisaGirl1990 17 Iulie 2009
Smartest people on the planet
Albert Einstein hated the jonas fags
he was one of the many Jonas Brothers Haters
de pieisgoodsoismetal 10 Ianuarie 2010
people who have an ugly attitude and like to bag on the decent caring guys who are in a famous (or once famous) band for fun
They most commonly stereotype fans as kids or idiots.
They do not acknowledge that music is subjective and sometimes bash the fans as well.
Some have been overly passionate Beatles fans that don't understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that the Jonas Brothers are not trying to tarnish the Beatles as they are heavily influenced by them.

They either have a sick sense of humor or are insecure and try to cover it up by bashing someone else.
1) Fan 1: Did you see what those Jonas Brothers haters said?
Me: There's probably something wrong with them. Maybe they weren't loved as a child.

Rude person: Do people actually still love the Jonas Sisters? I thought those faggots were replaced by Justin Bieber
Me: And yet you're still hating why? If you think that no one cares then why bother to make that comment
de Miss Peace Lover 30 Iunie 2011
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