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Acronym: I Agree With This Post.
Normally used on bulletin board systems.
de KYX! 06 Februarie 2003
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Acronym: I Am Wearing Tight Pants
a: look at my new car
de Jon Blast 02 Aprilie 2008
Abbreviation: I Agree With This/The Post.
Mostly used in message board communities.

Also, "I Am Whacking Teh Penir," usually used when someone asks what "iawtp" means.
Poster #1: lol u guyz r teh stoopidz!!11!1 lolololo

Poster #2: You're a retard.

Poster #3:
QUOTE: "Poster #2: You're a retard."
de Rikku Motomiya 07 Februarie 2006
Acronym: I Always Wack Teh Penir
A: How often do you fap?
de Pankakke 28 Iulie 2006

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