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Hot From Far Away. Taken from the TV show Scrubs.
MAN1: OMFG that chick has a nice badonkadonk
MAN2: dude, H.F.F.A.!
Man1: oh wow Man2 you totally saved me from making a total idiot of my self. id hug you but im not gay
Man2:...I am
Man1: And i respect your decision to like my badonkadonk
de Happy 17 Iunie 2006
19 6
hot from far away
damn that bitch was HFFA yo, but up close she be dayam ugly!
de urmuthafuckinbabydaddy 26 Aprilie 2003
179 65
Hot From Far Away. To find a girl attractive from afar but up close looks like a gorilla.
Damn, that batch looks HFFA, but now that I got a closer look she looks like a dude.
de Ali Prince 18 Aprilie 2008
54 6
Hot From Far Away (usually describing a person)
They(person)look GREAT from a safe distance and then they come closer...and closer...and you wish you never EVER laid eyes on them...

(Girl checking out a 'HOT' guy):Oh damn he's HOT!...oh no...wait...wait... (he comes close....closer)HFFA...*ew!*
de Ultimate Angel of Death 13 Mai 2006
54 18
Hot from far away
She was HFFA until I got close then I saw her butter face
de CuseTown 08 Februarie 2009
23 7