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Pubic region of a female
Check out the goat head on that chick.
de Ken Romain 31 Iulie 2003
The seat behind the driver in a car is known as 'goathead'.
John called shotgun, Josh called roostertail right, so Charles was left with goathead.
de Aaron 26 Ianuarie 2005
Another way of saying go ahead or you're turn
don't call me a goat head
#goat head #slang #go ahead #go #you're turn
de rapsucks1738 14 Decembrie 2006
An eccentric person who rides/talks about/thinks about nothing but bicycles and has a long goatee.
Damn Goat Heads were everywhere downtown today.
#cyclist #weirdo #hippy #roadster #bicycle rider
de Vinja Gosan 12 Ianuarie 2011
Noun; Adjective; Verb
1. A term referring to a person who ditches his or her friends with little or no notice.
2. A person who will frequently ditch his or her friends for a significant other, or simply just for a member of the opposite sex.
3. As a verb, it is a term used to desribe the action of being blown off, stood up, or ditched.

Vaughn is such a Goathead! he said we were going to hang out tonight, but when I call him he won't pick up his phone!

Vaughn Goatheaded me for a fifteen year old girl! What a creep, and what a jerk!
#ditch #stood up #blown off #goat head #goat headed
de mother vicious 09 Octombrie 2006
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