Global Warming is here, yes it is. But it is not our fault. When the news, magazines, etc. talk about global warming they are trying to scare us. By scaring us we become more materialistic. We become worried about if something is made safely or how it affects the environment when we are done with it. So basically we buy stuff that is more expensive because it was made in an environmentally "safe" way. The truth is that global warming is a natural phenomenon. The earth was much hotter during the time of the dinosaurs than what it is now. Then it cooled down and began a series of ice ages. Obviously the earth had to warm up from the last great ice age to what it is now.

I'm telling you that global warming is natural. It isn't a side effect of us burning fossil fuels. It is a natural result of the earths trip around the sun, the movement of tectonic plates, and an all around natural cycle that the earth goes through. Scientists say that the increase of temperature is much higher since the 1980's, but how do they really know? We obviously weren't around to watch glaciers melt after the last great ice age, so they don't really know. It's all a ploy and a scare tactic. It has been said before, on this site and elsewhere, but i want to reiterate that even if everyone in the world stopped doing anything that emitted "greenhouse gasses" the earth would continue to warm up at the same rate.
News: The earth gained 3 extra degrees today bumping it's average up to 125. In light of this massive heat wave you don't want to make global warming worse so go buy that "environmentally safe" air conditioner.

Dumb person watching news: Wow i gotta be safe about this and protect my environment.
de Jacob Schumacher 18 Aprilie 2006
1:A hypothesis that has become a part of a massive media hysteria, with many thinking (wrongly) it will mean the end of life on Earth, leading many to make hasty judgments which may look rather silly 20 years from now

2: A subsection of the Church of Environmentalism called "The Church of Anthropomorphic Climate Change". Like most religions, there's guilt (My car only gets 20 mpg!), sin (using gasoline), penance (being "carbon-neutral"- hell, you can even pay off your conscience in the form of "Carbon-credits" just like in the ol' Catholic Church days!), and even heretics (any and all dissenting scientists are crushed by the mighty PR boot- some even being compared to holocaust deniers simply because they disagree with the science!)

3: A hypothesis made by people who either are jealous of the developed world or feel guilty about living in it that makes an excuse to punish progress and capitalism; wealth redistribution under the guise of environmentalism
All this global warming hysteria is going to look mighty fucking stupid in the future
de Adam Harris Dawkins 15 Iunie 2007
Global warming is the natural process by which the average yearly temperature of the earth gradually raises. Yes, humans do affect global warming, but barely. The problem is that environmentalists use crappy equipment (home thermometers, for example, rather than the far far more precise weather balloons used by legit scientists), and think we have a huge effect on global warming. Most environmentalists don't really have or use very accurate equipment or methods, so they come up with skewed ideas.

This is basically because no one or two people know exactly how to research all of the details needed to study the environment, you need large groups of scientists that study in many different fields to truely record accurate information.

There are some environmentalists that just go around and record their own inaccurate information, and go around generalizing and extrapolating ideas based on false information. The results they usually come up with are that humans have a large effect on global warming. Even worse, many of them don't even do studies, they just accept the false studies of others, which leads to the illusion that it has a lot of support by studies. The theory that humans have a large effect on global warming is so widely accepted because many people disregard hard facts for a skewed concept because it attracts attention when someone tells you that we are destroying our world; its another part of human nature that doesn't fit in well with the modern world (like our indulgence in eating).

There are other environmentalists (yes, real, legitimate environmentalists not politicians, or anyone who wants to sabotage the environmentalists, I'm getting sick of these stupid conspiracy theories) that study the environment using the other method mentioned above that uses many scientists that specialize in many fields of study to accurately record information. They find that humans do have an effect, but a very VERY miniscule one, on global warming.

The following is a letter that I wrote to an environmentalist foundation that believes humans have a large effect on global warming. Of everything they have publish, I found nothing but unfounded information; none of it was backed up by any hard facts, and if they ever used "facts" they were rarely used and they were very skewed because of flawed measurements. All of the data and information that I said in my letter is based 100% on studies done by the legitimate environmentalists that use scientists that specialize in many fields to record accurate information.

(the quote at the beginning is from their website)

“Dear (environmentalist foundation),

‘Global warming isn’t opinion. Its a scientific reality. The science tells us that human activity has made enormous impacts to our planet that affect our well-being and even our survival as a species.’

That is absolutely right! The only problem is... WHAT ARE YOUR SCIENTIFIC FACTS?!?!? Yes, you say that we can cut down by this that and the other and reduce our input towards global warming, but have you actually any idea how much humans affect global warming? Here’s the real facts, not just vague statements saying that we affect global warming "a lot." :

Of the 186 Billion tons of Carbon Dioxide let out into the atmosphere every year, 6 Billion tons come from humans, A meager 3.2%

In the past 20 years, we have been in a COOLING trend... yes of course, it is short term, and we are in an overall warming trend, but doesn't that go to show you that if humans have greatly increased our affect on global warming in those past 20 years, yet we still are cooling, that we have essentially no effect?

The fact is that humans have actually less than .3% an effect on the overall global warming, that’s 3/1000!

Now, humans do have an overwhelmingly small effect on global warming, but the fact of the matter is, that if effect that we have on global warming was isolated and all of the other natural effects disappeared, then one millennium from now, the earth will be as warm as it would be in three years if there was still natural influence. And incase you don’t understand that, it basically says it takes human influence 1000 years to warm the earth as much as the earth naturally warms in three years.

I don't think its worth asking the government for TRILLIONS (that is what they are asking for now incase you haven't realized) of dollars to have a miniscule effect on something that essentially isn't even affecting global warming. And also, most of our very small effect on global warming will still be there even if we do spend that money.

Drew Nutter”
As one of those non-legit environmentalists would say, "Oh look, the earth is getting warmer! I think humans effect it. OH CRAP! GUESS WHAT! I can blame it on the politicians to make my political party look better! Let's go exploit false scientific ideas and spend oodles of money, just so we can get MY political party leaders in office!"

Thats not their only motive, some actually want to help but aren't good at what they do, but there are a good number of them that actually think that.

Just incase you forgot what I was defining cuz my definition is so long, it was Global Warming.
de Urban Dictionary 19 August 2006
Something that is not real and people use it as an excuse to help lower gas prices! It is not real.
Hey man gas is going down besause of " global warming "
de taylor peele 10 Iulie 2008
a fake cause drummed up by socialist leaders and activists in order to push an agenda on the rest of humanity...
Their agenda includes putting caps on CO2 production for first world countries like Canada, England, and the US, while allowing China, India and Russia to emit as much of the 'evil' co2 gas as they feel like.
It also looks like a push by the nuclear energy industry to build more 'non-polluting' nuclear energy plants, even though nuclear energy is not clean, not safe, and hugely expensive, and produces horribly toxic material that can be used by terrorists to build weapons, and also will last for millions of years.
All opposer's to global warming are made to look like heretics. It is sad that most people will fall right in line with an obvious attempt to control a mass population with propaganda like "an inconvenient truth" even though more and more evidence is pointing to our present day warming as a natural effect of increased solar output. Proof of this is the fact that mars has exhibited the same level of warming and polar melting as earth has, even though there is no direct link between our planet and Mars except for solar radiation hitting each planet.
People need to wake up and realize that Global Warming is the greatest hoax ever pulled on the citizens of this planet.
de televox212 05 Iunie 2007
A new, rather derisive, code word for snow, or sometimes cold weather in general, which has become a lot more common this past winter, especially among global warming skeptics.
Excuse me while I go and shovel the three more inches of global warming off the sidewalk.

(Said during blizzard or heavy snowfall, preferably in March or April) Hey, how about that global warming, eh?!
de BGMan 16 Aprilie 2008
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