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Fuh-daa-shih!!!{Fuck dat shit}

A southern, especially Atlantan way of proclaiming disaqreement with a situation.
Dude1: Ay Ni, wuh mah meny et(Hey nigga where my money at?)????
Dude2: Man, Fuhdahshi!!!!
de Orenjello 13 Septembrie 2007

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fuck that shit hell naw im down thats wasup you got me fucked up
Derived from the phrase, "Fuck that shit". You can use it whenever you don't give a fuck or a shit or both.

Fuck that shit-> fuh dat shit-> fuh dah shit-> fuhdahshi.
John: DUDE! Look at that chick she looks like she's in trouble!
Bill: HUh? oh.. fuhdahshi.
de Supraman352 27 Iunie 2008