emos lyk 2 fink of themselves s being indivduals and refer to themselve as scene they actually look exactly like each other... you can spot an emo by there inhabitation of middle class coffee bars such as starbucks or outside depressin the rest of the population or by the pool of blood comin 4rm the self harmin to get attention
emo girl"ur new hair cut is propa scene, you look sex i <3 u"
emo boy"i did it myself i didnt lyk my life so i took my hair as i representation of my self hatred"
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de ---georgie--- 02 Ianuarie 2006
Emo, or "emotional music" can be summed up by:
- I hate myself
- My life has no meaning
- Guitar solo

"Emo" people are commonly confused with gothic, but being slightly different in the sense that gothic people tend to hate the world more than themself
The generic Emo song:
My girlfriend left me,
I'm going to cry and cut myself,
My life is horrble,
I have no reason to live,
****guitar solo****
#gothic #emo music #emo princess #cutter #hot topic
de Ridek 10 Decembrie 2005
Stupid fuckers that cut themselves and listen to shit music. Usually they cut themselves because they have "problems", like "my boy/girlfriend broke up with me", or "i cant go to the *generic emo-band* concert because i need to go to my grandmothers funeral!" and shit like that. EMO CUTTERS DONT HAVE ANY REAL PROBLEMS!! People with real problems dont resort to cutting, they know how do deal with it, or at least know to get help. Emo kids just mope and whine all day and have to be bisexual and wear girl pants because i guess having balls is too much extra weight for them to carry along with the rest of their crappy lives.
emo kid: "Hey i have an idea, how about since i cant express my "pain" by going to a therapist, ill just take this rusty knife and cut myself to help me forget about my fake sadness. Im sure that id rather die of blood loss than face my "problems" and end up living a happy life."
#emo #people #are #gay #fags.
de Odd1 20 Noiembrie 2005
An image gallery on Urbandictionary.com. No seriously, it's becoming a Joke. O_O!
Heh lets look at the Hot Chicks on the UD Emo Gallery!
de PH34R 20 Aprilie 2005
Emos are not Gothic at all, they don't dress up like Goths, they do not act like Goths, they do not talk like Goths, they don't listen to same music as Goths and they don't have the same hair style as Goths.

Emo stands for emotional and that is exactly what Emos are, there is no way of identifying them except if you see them cutting themself.

If you ever see a guy with black clothing and black hair, Immeditly think of Gothic people, not Emos.
Someone- Hey look at that kid with a yellow shirt on and some jeans! He looks nice with that blond hair!

Someone else- Oh look! He is cutting himself! He is one of the Emos!

Someone- Let's not bother with him.
#depressed #non-gothic #sad #cutters #not-dark
de Ethan25 14 Iulie 2010
kids pretend life sucks but in reality all is good. its just an exuse to steal trends from punks, metal heads, and goths. and also most of them are bi.
emo kids are fags
#emo #trend stealing #pretend to hate life #and fags #lesbos #bis'
de blackmetal666 28 Ianuarie 2009
Emo, noun. Sub-genre of really pathetic people, who give goths, and people with real emotional problems a bad name. Usually found listening to old-school cd players and over-sized head-phones. Reason, they want to be different. They fail at this because they are all different together. Usually they even look the same. Fringe of jet-black hair to covering the right or left 2/3 of their face. Girls usually wear skin tight black jeans, guys steal their girlfriends' jeans. And make up. And sex-toys. And ex boyfriends. Emo's usually complain about how no-one understands them, that's because no one cares about a snotty rich kid who creates fictional problems because they're bored and have too much money. If you want to find out more about emo's go to your next, 30 Seconds to mars, Hawthorne Heights, or <insert mildly angsty band name> to view them in their full, sad splendour.

You are emo if you started crying after the second sentence.

Also, there is nothing more entertaining than making fun of an emo. I personally sleep on a waterbed filled with the tears of a thousand emo's.
EMO: Isn't it possible for two, or four guys to make out, naked and not be gay?

I'm so sad, I'm going to write poetry in my diary and listen to my favourite band, June in December. Thank God mom pre-heated my razor blade for me, I don't like it when it's cold.
#sad #emotional #pathetic #generic #hilarious
de EmoBasher 101 07 Decembrie 2007
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