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Slang for a toilet
Get out the bathroom, I need to use the dumpster
de BlattsGatts 15 Mai 2009
7 7
the booty of the female
"Check out the dumpster on that trash..."
de Nonre 15 Octombrie 2004
10 12
adjective. History: The word "Dumpster" was coined in Muncie, Indiana about the year 1998, concatenating the terms "dump", meaning derivations upon lack of quality, and the moniker "...ster", thus now constructing an adjective (i.e., hipster, prankster, lackluster, etc.). Definition: worthless, unsatisfying, unimpressive, lamentable, lame, broken, dilapatated, etc.
Your car is dumpster. Your power steering doesn't even work.

The Bahama's is dumpster. It's too expensive and the chicks aren't that hot.

Your mom is dumpster. She complains too much about my wiener being too big.
de Big Boobs Small Body 19 Aprilie 2007
9 12
Another word for blowjobs. Brain, Dome, etc.
I got some dumpster last night.
de HolocaustNigga 12 Mai 2010
1 5
Eating a whole pizza, box of cereal, or loaf of bread.
When one person consumes something meant for a lot of people.
Billy totally dumpstered that birthday cake!
de scrap_iron 06 August 2006
4 8
1. to damage, wreck or otherwise destroy

2. A female of questionable moral character
"Damn, Jack totally dumpstered his car!" "I went to my frienfs party and there was this skanky dumpster there..."
de ratbert 07 Ianuarie 2004
2 7
When used as a verb, it means "to dispose of."
After you shoot him, be sure to dumpster his dead ass.
de willisisgod 19 Aprilie 2003
3 8