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opposite of nigger, an insult to whites... except white people aren't dumb enough to walk around calling each other that word because it's intended to be demeaning
break yo self cracker!
what chu want cracka?!
de tweak 14 August 2004
10071 5101
Originally the white slave driver because he would "crack" the whip, hence the noun cracker.
Yo homey pick the cotton faster cuz here comes ole Mr.Cracker with his whip!
de MrCracker 29 Iunie 2003
12470 3758
Noun. Slang word used to refer to those of European ancestry. The word is thought to have either derived from the sound of a whip being cracked by slave owners, or because crackers are generally white in color.
I'm still waiting for the word "Cracker" to be referred to as the "C-word" the way the word "Nigger" is constantly referred to as the "N-word".
de FigurinOutLife 24 Martie 2004
8717 3526
A racist insult used by blacks against white people that seemingly isn't wrong, yet it is illegal for us to defend ourselves and call them darkies or nigger. Racism against whites is racism just the same, people. Get some common sense. If black people think they are the shit like they're better than everyone else, they are mistaken.
No one is fuckin better than anyone they are equal, until your actions or reputation lowers your social status and respect, of course.
Synonym: Honkey
Antonym: Nigger
de Damyankee 06 Noiembrie 2004
8830 5236
An unsweetened biscuit.
Dya want cheese on your cracker.
de Hesaid 24 Iulie 2003
5081 2051
Racist term for a white person
de Anonymous 29 August 2003
4159 1685
1:A firecracker
2:A thin, crisp wafer
3:One whom cracks illegally into another's computer or network
4:A racist term used against Caucasians/Whites
The word cracker has many meanings.
de Chad 29 Decembrie 2003
3269 1449