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1. A pulse, often used in Indian cookery.

2. The female pleasure centre. The holy grail. The clitoris.
She lay there, idly flicking her chickpea.
de Paul Hopwood 14 Octombrie 2006
28 21
The seed of a chick pea plant used to make the delicious dip called hummus, which originates from the Middle East. This also makes for a cute nickname for friends!
I love my chick pea Mariam!
de Aditi G 09 Decembrie 2009
3 3
A word meaning how sweet/cute a guy is.
"awww dan is such a chickpea"
de lozzie 01 Iulie 2005
9 14
Dork, bra,
See ya later chickpease - to female
de 10002132 28 August 2008
0 6