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Heroin supplier; a penny balloon that contains narcotics
de Lehem 18 Octombrie 2003
225 92
a heroin dealer
man im out of dope i need to go to the balloon
de afroman 17 Aprilie 2002
241 160
slang for condom; slang for protection during sex.
I gotta get a balloon on before my girl gets outta the bathroom.
de The Evster 12 Iulie 2006
114 59
Elegant strip club located at 233 Porno Ave in Providence, RI. Famous for allowing men (and women) of all ages, including those 15-17. Home of the infamous "referee" (bouncer) who also offers lap dances for a discounted price.
Weinberg: Yo let's get out of here and go to the foxy lady.
Tony: No way, I only have eight bucks.
Weinberg: Fine, lets go to balloons then.
de Steven Muntner *see RAT-MAN 04 Aprilie 2005
93 45
A woman's breasts, AKA boobs, tits, jugs, hooters, knockers.
Wouldn't you just like to suck the air out of her balloons?
de Jorrald K. Meview 30 Iunie 2006
59 29
A fool; a person who has just made a pretty obvious mistake
PhD student 1: I forgot to correct for path length in these absorbance measurements.
PhD Student 2: You total balloon

PhD student: I left my cash card in Centra last week and only found out today
Supervisor: <Says nothing and draws a picture of a balloon on a piece of paper>
de UrbanBiochemist 31 Octombrie 2011
18 12
Another name for breasts.
The girl was flat-chested before; now she looked like
she had put great big balloons under shirt... that is...
until she took off that shirt! WOW!!
de Wallaroo 14 Octombrie 2005
28 22