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It's rigged. I mean think about it... over 60,000 people supposedly try out for it and yet they have so much early footage of people who make it to the top 12...

And they purposely let absolutely horrible singers through to see the judges, because mocking bad singers is a huge attraction to the show...

Also... notice the unusual balance of the runner ups and winners of the show... I mean first season... an attractive white young female wins - runner up is a young white male, then a large black male - runner up an geeky looking white male, then an average sized black female - runner up is a larger younger white female, then another attractive white female - runner up attractive white male, then an older white male - runner up a young white female.

In order to maintain this balance, I think the winner this year will be a young black male or female... and the only one who really matches this is Jordin Sparks. Go Jordin! Even if you were already selected to win, early on.

Despite being rigged though, it is pretty darn entertaining, if you don't have anything better to do.
GF: Hey, isn't American Idol is on...
ME: Who cares? Its as rigged as Boot Camp or Judge Judy.
de Alfie The Horndog 08 Martie 2007
A television show that glorifies human flaws for our enjoyment
American Idol fucking sucks
de Alomar 26 Ianuarie 2005
A stupid, overrated karaoke show that shouldn't have even been on the air in the first place.
I'll bet the American Idol 'judges' can't even sing as well as they can criticize.
de My Middle Finger 25 Mai 2003
A stupid show that idiots try out for because their life sucks. The judges are complete dolts who think they know everything and all the "competition winners" always look the same and sound the same. (Their careers last about 2 weeks).

A make-money-fast idea that is dragging on while it can.
"Oh, no... yet ANOTHER American Idol..."
de Anna 16 Iulie 2004
A crappy reality show where bratty kids overbutcher songs sung by the greatest legends alive like Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross. What's even worse is that horny 11-year girls vote for the crappiest singer in the universe and support this gay ass show. The highlight of the show is when that bitch Paula slaps Simon for like the 89th time in a row. God FOX really does suck
Contestant:If youu were mah girll oh oh yah!

Randy: Yah dawg wasn't feeling it

Fuck you guy


american idol is coorperate shit
de DizzyLizzy 17 Aprilie 2007
American Idol is a television show that claims to find talent and a unique singer out of a pool of contestants. In reality, the show is designed to find someone who can sing at least decently and then throws them to the record labels where their creative control is sapped away. Most of the time, winners are not successful in their careers. The show is generally aimed at young people who have the opportunity to vote for the singer they think has the most talent. Oftentimes, these people will vote for the contestant who they think is the "hottest" as opposed to someone with actual talent, thereby throwing the whole concept out the window. Over the course of the last few seasons, the show has become more about ratings than singing as indicated by showing more of the "bad" singers for the sake of audience entertainment. Contestants are also led to believe they have talent when they actually have no talent at all, making their elimination all the more devastating to them, much to the audience's delight. The show has slipped into pointless redundancy as each subsequent winner after the first season has not achieved any commercial success. Also questionable is the choice of judges. Randy Jackson has only released one album and Paula Abdul's albums have been rated by critics as mediocre at best. Simon Cowell's only appearant role is to garner some sort of response from the contestant through the use of overly harsh critisism, yet again for audience response. Rarely does he give any constructive critisism and most of the time, downrights insults the contestant ("You look the like The Incredible Hulk's wife"). All in all, a successful attempt to exploit the teenage generation by providing the "entertainment" of the contest leading up to the winner, and the promise of a new and "talented" pop singer.
An excellent example is Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of American Idol. She was carved from a talented singer on the show to a whorish, teenybopper favorite with a synthesized voice. All subsequent winners after Clarkson have not achieved any commerical success.
de Alfred_L 21 Aprilie 2006
To vomit. The term comes from the vomit-inducing television series.
My sister got a bad fever and ended up "American Idol"ing three times.
de birdboy2000 07 Iulie 2004
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