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to wipe out while riding your bike, to have an obscenely bloody accident where one is amazingly able to walk away, to come inches from becoming roadkill, to ride a bike while intoxicated where the likelihood an accident will occur is increased exponentially.
ex 1:
Girl to drunk friend leaving bar on his bicycle: "Dude, be safe and shit - don't toro yourself on the way home!"

Dude friend: "Ah, man - I'm not THAT drunk!"

ex 2:
Girl #1: I'm on lunch, right? and this bike messenger almost gets doored by this fatass getting out of his car. The bike messenger totally swerves but there was this manhole cover there, and you know it had been raining that day, right? dude, he totally toro'ed himself all over the road and was almost run over by this cabbie when he bit it!
de y3n 13 Martie 2008
variation: sassqurotch

An overabundance in hair near, on, and about an individual's crotch area.

An ungawdly amount of pubic hair springing from all directions, seemingly endless like an Amazon jungle, often carrying with it an unpleasant, pungent odor.
Ex 1: Man at bar to friend, recounting a hunting experience: "So we'd been there for hours without spotting a single bear when all of a sudden we catch sight of this hUgE mofo! I squint a little and think, no, wait - it's a sassquatch! I ready my sight on it to get a better look and it's my hunting buddy - with his pants off! Not a bear or a sassquatch - but my buddy's sasscrotch!

Ex 2 - Field Study Findings: When perusing old issues of Playboy, particularly issues from the 1970's, one is guaranteed to catch a glimpse of some fine visual examples of sassqurotch.
de y3n 15 Aprilie 2008
Variant of juicy cooter in that it is used to describe one's self.

An expression used to describe how one has acted or behaved in any less than favorable way.

To be a bitch to someone else for the express purpose of causing them emotional damage or embarrassment of any kind. Added creeper bonus if they need therapy later in life.
Girl #1: She was wearing what?
Girl #2: I know! I totally raged out and became this major Juicy McCuntster - it was just that awful. I said all this mean stuff and made her cry - it was awesome!

de y3n 13 Martie 2008
v. 1) the act of siskalating; 2) to siskalate or to be siskalated; 3) a good screw.
boy to buddy: "man I siskalated the hell out of that hot chick last night after we left the bar. in the cab no less"

hot chick to buddy: "omg, the siskalation after we left the bar was out of this world. that dude sure knows how to rock it between the sheets."
de y3n 05 Noiembrie 2007
An oblivious bitch, a stuck-up broad, the kind of chick you love to hate. Most often found wandering aimlessly through department stores smacking gum while screaming into a cell phone.
ex 1:
Girl #1, being shouldered by girl talking on cell walking past: "Wow! Did you see that? She just totally shouldered me and didn't even say excuse me, not to mention acknowledge my existence!"
Girl #2: OMG, what a juicy cooter!"

ex 2:
Dude #1: So get this, last night my old lady totally drank the last beer and wouldn't let me have a swig of it before she slammed it down!"
Dude #2: Dude, total juicy cooter move. Not cool.
de y3n 13 Martie 2008
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