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6 definitions by vegas_malone

Sexual lubricant dispenser. Usually in the form of a toothpaste-like tube. Used during the act of anal sex.
Clive, grab that lube tube and grease up. I'm going in.
de Vegas_Malone 05 Martie 2008
175 117
Rhyming slang for soup.
Could I have a bowl of that chicken hairy hoop please, and some bread. thanks.
de Vegas_Malone 05 Martie 2008
4 0
Someone who is ill-informed and liable to be taken advantage of. A sucker who lacks inside knowlege or savvy.
I felt like a right punter when I was at the carnival in Rio last year. Every taxi driver, shopkeeper, vendor and hustler in town had their hand in my pockets.
de Vegas_Malone 05 Martie 2008
115 116
Adjective. Something that is of exceeding high quality.
Steve, try some of this afghan weed.
oh my christ, that stuff is the donkeys knob!
de vegas_malone 18 Martie 2008
1 4
Rhyming slang for rectum (roll - hole)
Ah shit, my girlfriends dickhead brother is calling over, pain in the bread roll!
de Vegas_Malone 05 Martie 2008
3 12
The crack of the arse.
Dude! pull up your pants, I can see your crevice! And it's vile!
de Vegas_Malone 05 Martie 2008
13 26