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The person who is in charge (usually military) at the time of a clusterfuck. This person is usually inept at his/her job, and has used all possible resources to carry out a simple, straightforward task, only to start a cataclysmic chain of events.

One who clusterfucks, or has been clusterfucking. Can also be referred to as one who has been up to a bit of clusterfuckery.
1. "But General, I asked the Lieutenant to polish the big red button not push it. I know we have inadvertently started a major nuclear war with the worlds biggest superpower, but it should be that clusterfucker Corporal facing the firing squad, not me Sir."

2. "That window cleaner has not only made the windows dirtier, but he's also smashed four pains of glass and killed my dog! Well, I suppose I'd better go and give that clusterfucker his money before I phone the glazier and find the spade."

3. "I wish I wasn't such a useless clusterfucker."
de nastypasty 02 Ianuarie 2010
A very popular word throughout the westcountry area of the UK, especially Cornwall. Wosson is the westcountry equivalent to what's up and is coupling of the two words - "what's on". It is usually asked as a question to find out one or all of the following;

1. What are you doing?
2. What have you been doing?
3. What are you going to be doing?
4. How are you?

The most polite answer you can possibly give to a cornish person asking this question is;

"Not much, wosson on with you?"

This implies the person asking the question has more important things going on in his/her life than you have, and copious amounts of tea should be drunk (or local ale) until these important things are discussed.
Example 1
Denzel: "Wosson Janner?"
Janner: "Not much, wosson with you?"
Denzel: "Not much Janner, wosson with you?"
Janner: "Not much Den, wosson with you?"
etc, etc, etc, Denzel & Janner are very good mates & neither want to seem more important than the other.

Example 2
Jethro: "Wosson on Gyp?"
Gyp: "Just nipping down Barnies for a pasty, you want anything?"
Jethro: "'Ang on a minute an' i'll come with 'ee!"
Gyp: "Proper Job!"

Example 3
Boysie: "Wosson maid?"
Gabby: "Not much, still trying to get over the xmas hangover!"
Boysie: "But that was 6 months ago Gab, what the bloody hell's wrong with you?"
Gabby: "I know, i'm such a girl! Anyway, wosson with you?"
de nastypasty 04 Ianuarie 2010
"Skayner, skainer or skaynurr" is a Cornish term meaning peasant, eg
Madam "Hey, I say, you over there I need to borrow your jacket to lay over this puddle so my Hunter wellingtons don't get wet"

Skayner "Oh certainly Madam, i'm only too pleased I can be of service to someone of such greatness as yourself, its truly an honour for us skayners to be forever in servitude to the upper classes"

Madam "hmmmmm
de nastypasty 25 Octombrie 2012
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