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someone who doesn't take hockey as just a game, but also lives the lifestyle and absorbs the culture of hockey. Commonly using slang terms (twig, bucket, mits, shouldys, visy, dangles ect) dressin in wife beaters, under a t-shirt, hollister shorts, a nice pair of high top kicks, topped off with i nice flat rim cap. Hockey bros are commanly accompanied with there puck bunnies, and other hockey bros when headin out to parties. Lax bros and hockey bros are chill with one another.

Although in many cases hockey bros have been known to b violent with puck bunnies, when they find a girl to there liking they'll beat the hell outta anyone who messes with him and his puck bunny.

Hockey bros are some of the best, if not the best, athletes known to man kind.
sidney crosby is not a hockey bro
de hockeybroforlife0017 23 August 2010
someone who doesn't just play the game of hockey but lives the life style and embraces the culture of hockey. A hockey bro uses slang terms such as twig, bucket, mits, visy, shouldy, dangles, ect, and started playin puck at a very young age.

Hockey bros are usually dress in wife beaters under a t-shirt, hollister shorts, a nice pair of high top kicks, a pair of nike mids, long straggly hair, and a flat rim cap.

Hockey bros are mad chill when it comes to girls, they may sleep with pieces of white trash, but can always redeem themselves with a nice catch at a party after a game. Puck bunnies are commonly found with hockey bros at rinks and at hockey bro parties. hockey bros will eventually end up marrying there special puck bunny that will willing b in the kitchen 24/7 making him a sandwich.

hockey bros usually come together for a game of hard core puck, or mayb a pick up game of road puck in a driveway.

the hockey bro culture is very close wit the lax bro cultre and commonly chill wid eachother from time to time. mayb have a lax sesh or a game of puck with one another teams.

overall the hockey bro life is the way to go.
sidney crosby is NOT a hockey bro
de hockeybroforlife0017 23 August 2010
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