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29 definitions by donald

Copulation while standing up.
We had a knee trembler behind the garage.
de Donald 07 Iulie 2003
203 71
Open mouth kissing between 2 individules
de donald 13 Octombrie 2003
98 27
An emotion of extreme anguish, generally in association with a major loss.
The death of his mother caused the young boy much grief.
de Donald 11 Martie 2005
40 21
An emotion of sadness or anger generally associated with a loss.
The boy felt much grief due to the loss of his mother
de donald 13 Martie 2005
43 25
short version of the word shmert(pronounced sh-may-ert), which is a short version of the word smart, which is used sarcastically when something bad happens.
Boss: Your working christmas day Donald.

Donald: Shmae!!!!
de Donald 16 Noiembrie 2004
11 3
deboosh replaces any noun in a sentence...so it means all
Damn that girl has a lot of deboosh; it makes me hard in pants.

That damn man debooshed all over my carpet.
de donald 05 Aprilie 2005
9 3
SHRIMP BUCKET is the vagina and all its glory
Boy does she have a tasty SHRIMP BUCKET, what should i order for desert ?
de DONALD 16 Decembrie 2004
7 2