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44 definitions by da trick biatch

shit-flavored air. one of the most noxious is the fried chicken fart.
after we ate mrs winners fried chicken, the whole car was fart tainted!
de da trick biatch 29 Noiembrie 2005
1684 806
shit-flavored air. some of the most noxious is fried chicken related!
that fuckin chicken gave me gas from hell! where's the air freshener?
de da trick biatch 10 Martie 2006
776 361
the king clan in georgia! cousin fuckers!
the inbred got their truck repossesed! HAHAHA!!!!
de da trick biatch 26 Noiembrie 2005
774 464
the big purple guy from mickey d's. he is actually supposed to represent a tastebud. imagine that!
a costumed guy dressed as the grimace knocked down a small child in the parking lot. hilarity ensued...
de da trick biatch 17 Ianuarie 2006
409 116
the bane of every godwarrior! to read harry potter books, or not to live at the freakin church! to be wiccan, pagan, or anything OTHER than christian.
youre all darksided!im a godwarrior!
de da trick biatch 27 Noiembrie 2005
387 94
when its really cold, and your nipples get super hard, theyre like tic tacs. pretty much self-explanitory!
it's so fuckin' cold i got tic tac titties!
de da trick biatch 26 Noiembrie 2005
302 33
an asshair that gets pulled by underwear.
i think its time to wax, i just felt a twingle butt hair.
de da trick biatch 26 Noiembrie 2005
309 45