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393 definitions by VAKI5

Breakdance move
de VAKI5 20 August 2003
Person hooked on cocaine
de VAKI5 25 Septembrie 2003
Someone who is so stupid, annoying, or just plain retarded she might as well be whacked by a hitman to put her out of her misery.
Did you see that moron wet her pants? She musta studied extra hard to be such a wackjob.
de VAKI5 18 August 2003
to fake an illness to obtain a prescription
de VAKI5 20 August 2003
a loser, idiot
de VAKI5 17 August 2003
A constellation of sixties hippie expressions which are still quite current. This is the standard hip youth greeting, as ubiquitous as "What's happening?"
(La/) que onda homeboy?....
de VAKI5 20 Septembrie 2005
THE NASTY BOYS - The Nasty Boys was a Bronx gang that started off in Yonkers, New York around 1977.
de VAKI5 17 August 2003