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1. The aftermath of being struck across the face by a penis.
2. The horror you feel when you see that one dude's penis is bigger than yours.
3. The act of (usually a woman, but can differ depending on one's lifestyle {see fag})being surprised by your soul-mate's over-erect, large, sweaty penis.
1. My girlfriend was penistricken after I had slapped her with my cock a few times.
2. I was penistricken when I realized that my penis is 32 inches while that guy's is 57 inches.
3. When Frank revealed to his wife his penis, she was penistricken by its massive size.
de The Penistriker 01 Februarie 2010
In 1455 Year of Our Lord, there was a vassal ruled by the Vaganians known as the Penis Kingdom. It was founded long ago by Sack-Sons, but back then they were a bunch of total dumbasses and they couldn't read or write. And thus, they could not record history. The capital city was Fukuoka, in the year 1455, and by then the city was flourishing with drug dealers, sex clubs, and porn shops. Something interesting about the city was it was built on a peculiar landform called "The Dick of God" and was surrounded entirely by the Yellow Sea. Their king was none other than Duce Hirohitler XIV, who was known as a notorious flaming homosexual. Alas, our knowledge ends at this point, as the trail ends there. However, what has become of the Penis Kingdom is said to be located in the German mainland, after the Migration of 1865. There, they live under a new name. They live under the name of the Neo Nazis.
The Penis Kingdom is often referred to as "Nazi Germany" when in actuality, it is "The Penis Kingdom"
de The Penistriker 01 Februarie 2010
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