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Will probably be the rallying cry of Obama supporters come the 2012 campaign.
Obama Got Osama...it's awfully embarrassing for the Bush administration, too, considering the massive amount of time and money they put into the "war on terror" over eight long years.
de Submitter of Words 28 Iunie 2011
Just another George W. Bush.
You'd think Americans would learn from their previous mistakes, but that's asking too much isn't it?

Rick Perry is Dubya 2.0
de Submitter of Words 07 Septembrie 2011
Another one of those antigovernment extremist morons, he wants to gut every social program on the planet and privatize everything so some big ass corporations can step all over us even more than they can now
Grover Norquist wants to shift the tax burden to the middle class even more, resulting in an ever-increasing gap between the rich and poor.
de Submitter of Words 02 August 2011
I just wanted to clear up some misconceptions people have about liberals and the death penalty. Many conservatives, with their usual black and white thinking, suppose that every single American liberal alive opposes the death penalty, and not only that, but feels sorry for the criminal to boot. This is balderdash however. We despise criminals just as much as you do, and only a very small but vocal minority of liberals actively opposes the death penalty.

To the main point: Why do some liberals oppose the death penalty?

A) It's very, very expensive. Yes, a lot more so than just shoving the bastard in prison for the rest of his life. Huge pull on our tax dollars
B) The number of people who have been wrongfully convicted, sentenced to death, and then found to be innocent is disturbingly high.
C) Statistically, minorities are far, far more likely to be put to death largely because of preconceived biases among the jury. Also, poorer minorities have to deal with shitty public defenders that can't put forth a good case, unlike far wealthier white criminals who can hire the best of the best.
If it were up to me, the death penalty would be applicable only in cases of definitive guilt (hard evidence that the perpetrator is the right dude). Also, he'd have to be at least 18, of course, and above a certain IQ threshold.
de Submitter of Words 14 Iunie 2011
Similar to the blonde bombshell, but hotter.
That's how I see it, anyway.
Brunette bombshells rock!
de Submitter of Words 11 Iulie 2011
The official dogma of the Catholic Church.

Credit goes to Christopher Hitchens
"no child's behind left"

Ok, maybe that's a stretch. But there's definitely at least a grain of truth to it.
de Submitter of Words 22 Aprilie 2011
Similar to the race card, but used by conservatives.

Something they tout as an answer to every single social issue in existence. Such reasoning is fallacious, however, because in actuality life is much more complicated..
Conservative: If people don't want babies, they shouldn't have sex. That way, abortion wouldn't even be necessary. Think, liberals, think! Personal responsibility, people!
Liberal/Moderate: Ok, so if abortion was banned, it's true that less people would have irresponsible sex, and there might be far fewer abortions. You're right on that one. But what about in cases of rape? You can't mount the "personal responsibility" defense there - people don't choose to get raped.
Conservative: Make abortion legal only in cases of rape then.
L/M: Well how are you supposed to know when the hell she's lying then? You'd be encouraging women to lie. Same problem as before, she just has to employ a different method of getting around it. How are you supposed to distinguish between the liars and the true victims?
Conservative: Polygraph.
L/M: In a perfect world, those things are fully reliable. But they're clearly not. Since we don't live in a perfect world, and polygraphs sometimes fail, we may as well legalize abortion considering that there are many cases where it's very necessary. Of course there are whores who will use it as birth control. But that's unavoidable.
"personal responsibility card"

Personal responsibility is important but it doesn't take into account factors that are outside of the person's control. For instance, conservatives are operating under the assumption that welfare discourages the work ethic and personal responsibility. But what about people with Parkinson's, or similar diseases? What about valuable workers that have been laid off en masse by struggling companies and need aid to get that back on their feet? Are they necessarily lazy and lacking personal responsibility?
de Submitter of words 15 Iunie 2011

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