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A store that is found at malls. They have random accessories, a bunch of band t-shirts, pants, funny shirts, make up, underwear, hair coloring and cool shoes. Basically every thing a normal store would have. Many people think others shop here to try to be rebellious. Some losers do that, but others actually like what they sell and they shop there. Many parents are afraid of this store and think the people that are inside worship the devil. That's usually false.
"Let's go to Hot Topic."
"You faggot, shopping there and buying the same stuff everyone else buys from there is not being rebellious. Go die you queer."
"I'm not trying to rebel to anything, I seriously like the stuff they sell there, dumbass."
de LikeHeyItsTiff 31 Octombrie 2007
1. Another really annoying label started by some loser who had no life.

2.Usually a whiny little adolescent boy or girl who thinks they are "rebellious" or a "non-conformist". They think their life sucks, so they waste their time cutting their wrists and hurting themselves instead of finding ways to make it better.
A lot of these people actually have no problems and are rich little liars who pretend to be emo to "fit in" with a select few people. Posers
Some of these people actually have a really bad life(example: abuse, neglect, poverty, disease, ect.), but still do nothing about but hurt themselves even more.
The worst type of emo is the kids who don't even cut themselves but make it appear as if they did, they will pretend to have issues that some real kids have. Saying their parents abuse them or they have been raped. When people who have actually had this happen to them, live with it much better or at least try to be happy.
Most shop at Hot Topic and Thrift stores.

3. A genre of music that some how spawned into a label.
1. "Check out that emo fag!"

2. "My life is so horrible, my girlfriend just dumped me for my bestfriend, no one ever pays attention to me, and my parents took away my convertible for screaming at them and calling them a prick. I'm going to kill myself"

"Instead of doing that how about you stop being such a pussy and do something proactive for once."

3. "Listen to this awesome emo band i found!"
de LikeHeyItsTiff 31 Octombrie 2007
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