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5 definitions by JesseBW

A machine used to play vinyl records.
"Technics makes the best turntables."
de JesseBW 30 August 2003
84 31
1. Verb: When a DJ plays sound coming from two sound sources together whether those sources are turntables or CD players using a mixer. Often DJs will adjust the tempo of the two sound sources so they are exactly the same and flow together well rhythmically.

2. Noun: a DJ's set or spiel.
1. I was mixing pretty well.
2. Maybe I'll through that into my mix.
de JesseBW 29 August 2003
74 48
When a DJ takes a record and quickly spins it in a backward direction using his or her hand.
"I can beatmatch, scratch and backspin."
de JesseBW 30 August 2003
13 3
An electronic device used to play two sources of sound such as turntables or cd players together. A basic mixer has volume sliders for adjusting the volume level of each incoming source and a crossfader for controling the mix of the two sound sources.
"Man my mixer is shot. I need a new one."
de JesseBW 30 August 2003
29 26
When one rhythmically moves a record back and forth while turning the sound off using a mixer during the back strokes so that the sound only plays when the record is in forward motion.
"Can you cut on those new CDJ's?"
de JesseBW 29 August 2003
8 11