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3 definitions by HatchetMaster

a dumbass fucking poser who wants to be a juggalo, so they go out and buy all the pyschopathic records in one day and say that they are a juggalo
he just bought all those cd's last night; he's just a juggaho
de HatchetMaster 22 Aprilie 2005
193 172
juggalo- male juggalette-female person who doesn't give a fuck what the rest of the world thinks, drinks faygo, kicks back and rocks to the wicked shit and is down with the klown.
That girl is a juggalette
de HatchetMaster 22 Aprilie 2005
105 181
a hilarious, morbid cartoon where a bunch of cute little forrest animals die.
flippy is my favorite happy tree friends charecter.
de HatchetMaster 22 Aprilie 2005
211 428