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4 definitions by HappyLotto

company that makes the world's largest toy planes
we be flyin' in this here Airbus
de HappyLotto 16 Iulie 2010
278 26
to insert
fuck that plug into the outlet
de HappyLotto 18 Iulie 2010
394 180
Auto tone in its purest form--a talentless tween that makes Justin Bieber look like Mozart.
Jim suffered from severe trauma after listening to Rebecca Black's "Friday".
de HappyLotto 22 Martie 2011
91 20
1. A mythological goblin-like creature from the land of Israel
2. Synonymous with the word "hoodrat"
I stepped in some Veloncia the other day...
de HappyLotto 03 August 2011
12 1