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Your arsehole
Ah fuck not again, said lord edge as he found a gerbil up his hoop
de Gaz C 29 Decembrie 2003
Groups of males (if you could even call them that - fucking pussy bastards) that hang in packs ( very similar to animals) that have the same dresscode and general appearance. This consists of the latest sportswear (track bottoms, football tops and of course their glorious 'nike air max'). They wear the biggest coin rings they can find (Im surprised they havent painted hubcabs gold yet and wear them on their hands). They have very badly shaven heads and barcodes on their upper lip.
Usually a smick/spide is called the likes of "Janty", "Aidso", "Anto", "Fra", "Cricky", "Dermy" or you can take their surname and fuck it around too, just to make them be "sweet as".
In their native Belfastian dialogue, the word 'Like' will follow nearly every second word or at the end of a sentence.
Hobbies and interests include "Fockin' der bitches" (millies), "Spinnin' tha wheeels" (of their bmx cos they cant score a corsa off their ma). "Havin' a swall" is another past time where they pluck up the courage to venture into off liscences to buy "Shum doubelya kay dee bloo like" but if they get "knacked back like" (for looking like complete twats) they ask other members of the public to cooperate with them in their hour of need. If you dont you'll "get yer baallix knacked in like"
Spides are generally slow witted, are morons and leech off the government and their "ma's" until they are in their late twenties.
Arch Enemies to the local spide communties would be the "huppies" because they are different. "Huppies listen to rock music and wear band tops (which can be quite annoying seeing most of them havent a clue about the band and have only heard one song and by the way KORN ARE SHITE, METALLICA RULE), spides listen to trance music or "beatz" as they call it and make the pilgrimmage to "Godskitchin like" twice a year to pop a couple of E's and listen to their fav musicians, (like dj-ing really involves talent...yeah right)
Spides will steal anything and everything, including their mothers own tv just to get money "fer swall" or "drugz" because they are the scum of the earth and another thing ALL HOODS SHOULD BE SHOT - FUCKING MAGGOT CUNT BASTARDS
Kevin: I dont like the look of that lot
Mark: Aye, those spidey bastards would steal the shoes from your feet if you were sitting down
Kevin: Scumbag government leeching cunts
de Gaz C 29 Decembrie 2003
The vomiting vagina, A Gamgee is a pussy that has had too much milk and spits the cum back out.
Tug: Oh baby i just came in your pussy
Jill: Dont worry, I have a gamgee.
Tug: Whats a gamgee ?
Jill: A vomiting vagina

Then Jill proceeds to spit the cum on Tug for a change
de Gaz C 29 Decembrie 2003
One of the greatest bands in the world, no doubt about it.

Don't take heed of the previous definition up there because whoever wrote it is a sad elitist clampet who munches the meat.
Gooz: Put on a good album there Jiksy
Jiksy: Fuckin' Right lad, some Tallica on its way
de Gaz C 30 Decembrie 2003
When lazy morons choose not to say 'Th' and instead pronouce it 'L'
Baldy: I am lerfore god
de Gaz C 29 Decembrie 2003
A skinny grinch like, lifeless soul that takes pleasure in the saddest things in life. A Puntar has a very basic life outlook, taste in clothes, smells bad and has red rings under the eyesockets.

Often a Puntar screams "OOOOOOHHH" randomly to declare his enjoyment of licking sandpaper.
Podge: Look at that guy over there
Travis: Yeah hes such a puntar
de Gaz C 29 Decembrie 2003
When an unfortunate cunt is pelted with Yakko (see Yakko)
Clive: Ah no not another yak attack
Mob: Get himm lads
*Clive is yakko'd*
de Gaz C 14 Ianuarie 2004
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