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A theatrical movie, usually a major blockbuster, that runs past it's designated release season (i.e. summer releases playing into fall, holiday movies in January or later, etc.) to the point where only a few theaters are showing them anymore, and there are usually less than ten people in the audience, and chances are most of them already saw it during it's initial release period.
Jane: Hey you wanna catch that new superhero flick this weekend?

Bob: I don't know, the theaters will be awfully crowded since it'll be just coming out. Let's wait a month or so until it becomes a lame duck film.
de GaaraoftheDamned 21 Noiembrie 2013
The feeling after New Years for the first part of January where you realize the holidays are officially over and not only will you have to wait 11 months to re-experience the joy you felt during this time, you have to return to the norm (school, work, etc.) knowing there won't be much to look forward to for a while unfortunately. Usually lasts about a week to a month, though extreme cases may not wear off until spring.

Similar to Holiday Withdrawal
Poor Tom. He's started his holiday comedown knowing Christmas is over and he has to go back to school on Monday.
de Gaaraofthedamned 01 Ianuarie 2012
To claim something is going to happen, then when it doesn't happen, just change the date and watch it not happen again. Named after the radio preacher who predicted the world would end on May 21, 2011 only to change it to October 21 later. Naturally nothing happened either time.
Guy 1: Okay I know I was wrong about zombies rising from their graves last night, so I went back to the rock where I first saw the prediction and realized it said May 16 not Mar. 16.

Guy 2: Dude just stop it. Do you know how badly you're Harold Camping right now?
de Gaaraofthedamned 28 Decembrie 2011
An Alternative Rock/Britpop band active from 1991 to 2009, fronted by brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher. Hit the big time in 1995 with the album "(What's the Story) Morning glory" and the song "Wonderwall". Other good songs include "Supersonic", "Champagne Supernova", and "The Shock of the lightning". Sadly, brotherly love wasn't always present in the band, and the last few years became less about music and more about Liam and Noel trying to one up each other (though their last album, 2008's "Dig out your soul" was pretty good), which lead to the band's breakup in Fall 2009. Noel started his own project while the other members and Liam started the band Beady Eye.
Oasis was a good band. It's too bad Liam and Noel couldn't work out their differences too well.
de Gaaraofthedamned 30 Noiembrie 2011
A cool new animated series on MTV (yes THAT MTV) about Mondo, a chubby 15 year old boy from New Jersey who moves to Southern California and struggles to fit in while trying to impress a girl named Jeena.

The series premiered on MTV on October 27, 2011, the same night Beavis and Butthead made their glorious return to TV. Both shows are a significant departure from some of the complete shit that's been on the network in recent years.
The return of Beavis and Butthead and the premire of Good Vibes might be enough to help get MTV out of the mud and return it to it's glorious format it had in the nineties.
de Gaaraofthedamned 30 Noiembrie 2011
Term applying to combat games. When your computer-cotrolled opponent is almost impossible to hurt because they are using defense (or any method to avoid harm) at least 93% of the time. Almost certain to turn a terrific victory into a frustrating (and-if other people are present-humiliating) defeat.
I had a great run in Mortal Kombat until Johnny Cage started using overdefense and cost me everything.
de Gaaraofthedamned 28 Iulie 2011
When someone or something gives you a rather irritating and most likely unnecessary problem that proves to really hinder progress at something.
I posted a video on Youtube with a clip of The Ramones for no longer than 5 seconds. Now the site is playing bullshit with me and I have to go through all this legal stuff to keep my account from being suspended.
de Gaaraofthedamned 02 Iulie 2011

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