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The Pillsbury Doughboy got his start on the road to fame in Chicago. He was since an icon of American advertising known around the world.

The mascot was seen once in an episode of The Simpsons where little Homer Simpson was holding it like a teddy bear. (That's the episode where Homer was reunited with his wayward mother.)

Long time Pillsbury adverts shown someone poking at his obese belly and he often said "Wooo hooo" as an interjection.

In January 2005, the Doughboy had his first bout of yeast infection after meeting Lynette. His exact location of his infection is unknown. On October 1st, he surcame to his infection.

Another famous celbrity, Liberace did die of a yeast infection.

The Pillsbury Foundation Trust was established in order to find a permanent cure to yeast infections.
Rest in peace Pillsbury Doughboy. (1965-2005)
de Damn Damn Danno 05 Octombrie 2005
McKevitt Trucking's dating service. Usually consisting ex-wives (or sometimes, husbands) of such truck drivers. There is a head "John" working at the company.

Since the company trucks are governed at granny speed, and the driver's don't have time to date anyone, it's no wonder there's such a service to these drivers that don't have time for lot lizards.
Brian: I didn't know about the McKevitt Spousal Exchange Program...
Dave: Cool! Rosco's wife involved?
Brian: Yup! Up for a threesome!
ROSCO: Can have her... I'm getting a new seat cover through the program...
de Damn Damn Danno 05 Octombrie 2005
A small city in the province of Ontario, in the country in Canuckstand that was renowned for uranium, now it's run over by old geezers and dope heads especially on Hirshhorn Avenue.

Population is 13,500 individuals, not counting the 400 permanent residents of a world renowned drug rehab place: Oaks Dope Center.

Elliot Lake is an Old Fart-Run place ...

Because of this repuation, they've established Elliot Lake Retirement Living aka: Retarded Living to attract senior citizens. And because of that, they've shut down many places where teens used to hang out. Now the only fun they have is to sniff glue and go to the Oaks Center.

The Oaks Centre : World Renowned for taking in junkies and let them go back on the buses scaring the hell out of normal people. A lot of the Oaks Dope Center's patients look normal, but once engaged in conversations, they usually talk about talltales on how they used to travel the world and bang girls for absolutely nothing, despite their ugly appearance. The females however, just look weird like Britney Spears in 40 years.

Economy: Run by King George (aka: GOD or King Shit of Turd Isle) he likes to dictate where businesses will be built. For example, the King owns a couple of car dealerships around the area and people buying his vehicles will get tax breaks.

Culture: Hirshhorn Avenue is known for dopeheads. Despite several attempts from PoPos, the micro-economy headed by welfare bums still flourishes. Also, the Civic Center is the only real place where you can get culture... Mississauga Avenue is agreat place especially at that Half-Way home place, where you can get fine pieces of old hag ass.

Despite this pejorative view of Elliot Lake, it's still a good place to stay, if you know how to blend in.
Jim : Dude! I'm addicted to Glue.... I need to go to Elliot Lake to get treated!

Christine: Yeah! Let's go over there, get treated and get high again on Hirshhorn! Yeah baby! Shag me with your finger!

de Damn Damn Danno 20 Octombrie 2005
Shitty Green Trucks / 2000. A Drummondville Kebecstand based trucking outfit notoriously known for hiring English-challenged people and of having some drunk dispatchers and cute secretaries with high bang-ability factors.

They usually have Mack trucks and Volvos and are underpowered. But newer models are introduced to make up for lost time.

Legend has that Cornholio once worked for this company but was kicked out for failing a drug test at American Customs hence they thought he was smuggling corn in this rectal receptacle.

They're a not bad company to work for, IF you have EXPERIENCE or speak Kebeckstander.
Dan: What do you call an SGT 2000 truck going against a McKevitt Trucking truck?

John: What??? Whatt?

Dan: Special Olympics tsee heheheheheheee

John: That's so true...
de Damn Damn Danno 01 Octombrie 2005
A guy that has a knack for finding women's G-Spots.

The trick is to find a woman's G-Spot is being attentive, being less "self absorbed" and more attentive to the one you'll make moan.
Rianne: Hey! Did you know that Dan is a great G-Spotter?
Flo: Can I try him?
Rianne: FUCK OFF! Get your own G-Spotter GOD DAMN IT!
de Damn Damn Danno 08 Octombrie 2006
A term for a stupid competition, usually where one thinks has it better than the other one.

The origin of the expression is from the French "Guerre de pénis", where guys would actually compare their dicks to eachother, usually one saying one has a bigger one than the other. It could also be of Roman origin, when it used to be an honor pissing alongside with someone of higher authority.

Usually dick heads are engaged in penis wars. Real men don't even engage in such stupid arguments.
Look at the penis wars going on... all about who's got a bigger stick shift on their trucks...
de Damn Damn Danno 03 Octombrie 2005
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