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4 definitions by Cartmansp

One of the most enjoyable games ever made.
The only time you'll ever be able to kick Bowsers ass with Kirby
de Cartmansp 23 Mai 2004
A female character in Soul Calibur who has jiggly boobs that move like sacks of pudding.
Guy 1: Damn did you see Taki's titties jiggle?
Guy 2: *drools*
de Cartmansp 24 Mai 2004
1.Thick, sweet, creamy, delicious sauce.It is usually chocolate flavored.

2.Slang for cum
1. That pudding was delicious.

2. That pudding was delicious.
de Cartmansp 24 Mai 2004
An incredibly fast, star shaped vehicle.
MTV pimped my warpstar!
de Cartmansp 23 Mai 2004