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A reference to varieties of Champagne produced by Moet and Chandon (more appropriately Moët ét Chandon) a french winemaker subsidiary of the LVMH holding company.

Popularized by modern hip-hop and rap culture, often used in artists lyrics to advertise an elevated lifestyle of conspicuous consumption.

Moet Champagnes are typically twice as expensive as a typical bottle of Champagne, with varietal blends that match other winemakers in terms of total availability of selections. Moet and Chandon is the largest Champagne house in the world, and is also the largest wine producer in the world.

The overusage of the word has sparked creativity in artists lyrics to produce relative words and names that further elevate their status, throwing out even higher priced varieties of Champagne such as Cristal, Dom P (Dom Pérignon), and now most recently the Ace of Spades (Armand de Brignac) which can go for upwards of $1,000 bottle.
"Thug love mixed with CREAM
Hennessey, strawberries, and Moet
Champagne, mo' in the bath havin' a hot tub" -Silkk featured in Let's Ride by Montell Jordan
de Arthur or chino1127 05 Decembrie 2006
The name of a champagne produced exclusively by Louis Roderer, popularized to mainstream by big-label hip-hop artists such as P. Diddy, Jay-Z, and J.D.

A pricey celebration wine that is often used to illustrate an expensive and lavish lifestyle of conspicuous consumption by the mainstream but in actuality considered an excellent champagne by experienced tasters.

Ironically, it is now vocally outcasted by the same hip-hop artists that popularized the wine to mainstream urban culture as a result of recent comments made by the company's new managing director.

Also compared with other expensive Champagnes such as Dom Perignon, and Krug.

Characterized by its uniquely clear bottle and celophane wrapper.

An excellent candidate as a Veblen good.
We got the Bacardi and Cristal mixin in two's
Knowin in the mornin I be feelin the blues - Jermaine Dupri
de Arthur or chino1127 28 Noiembrie 2006
An urban slang term referring to Dom Pérignon's, Rosé (pronounced Roh-say) Champagne, produced by Moet and Chandon of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH) holding company.

A richer color champagne blend with distinctly bolder flavor and much more intense finish than the standard vintage of Dom Perignon, at usually more than twice its retail price.
She got a playa tryin' to think of new things to say,
She in the corner sippin' Dom P Rose - Jermaine Dupri
de Arthur or chino1127 28 Noiembrie 2006
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