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A declaration spoken by someone who feels that they would not be able to handle (or be content with) a future event and/or an event that is developing in the present moment. It can also be used to refer to a past event as a clarifying statement regarding your feelings.

After a long night of food a college stoner was still feeling the munchies. He decided at the last second to order the dollar-sized Hush Puppies at Long John Silvers and the Cashier took the $1.06 from the stoner. After several minutes, she came back to the register with the stoner's money in her hand. She handed the money back to the stoner and said "I'm sorry, here's your dollar-six back. I can't handle Hush Puppies right now. Do you want fries or fish or something?" From that point on, the term Hush Puppies was coined.
"Hush Puppies dude." (referring to walking up a steep hill)
"That's Hush Puppies."
"I call Hush Puppies."
"Hush Puppies."
"I can't handle this -- dude Hush Puppies."
"That's Hush Puppies. You hit me man. Not cool. That is Hush Puppies!"
#not cool #not chill #not okay #can't handle this #no way #undoable #unchill #disagreement #conflict
de AndrewVS 26 Aprilie 2010
The state of being surprisingly content with or in an unfamiliar circumstance.
"This is not something I'm used to, but it's chill."
"Mad chill man." (unspoken: This isn't what I might have done, but surprisingly I'm very content right now.)
"We're just chilling." (unspoken: We both just decided to sit down and do nothing, which is something neither of us normally do -- and we are very content)
#content #cool #surprise #happy #relaxed #relieved #floating #enlightenment
de AndrewVS 26 Aprilie 2010
A song that is found exclusively on an album and was never released as a single. Sometimes filler, sometimes under-appreciated, sometimes well-known and equally amazing, album cuts are what fill the spaces between the singles you may have initially bought the album for.
"Do you know that song by Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Tuesday's Gone"?"

"Nah man, never heard of it. I know Free Bird though but everyone knows that haha"

"Well it was off their first album that Free Bird was on -- its an album cut. I think its the second or third song."
#music #single #record #track #song
de AndrewVS 11 Aprilie 2009
A combination of the words "damn" and "yo". Damyo is spoken as if the words were joined together, normally in circumstances of intensity or during feelings of slightly heightened emotion (positive or negative).
John: "My house just burned to the ground."
Bob: "Damyo."
#damn #yo #damyo #okayyo #alrightyo #yoyo #maybeyo #damyodamyo #wow dude #woah dude #wow #woah
de AndrewVS 07 Octombrie 2010
Sleeping in so late from a Friday night, that by the time you leave your house after waking up, there is no more "day" left. You can't call that ish Saturday, it's Saturnight, and Saturnights can very likely lead to Sunnights.
I slept in so late that by the time I woke up it was Saturnight.
#saturday #sleep #marijuana #alcohol #partying #laziness
de AndrewVS 05 Decembrie 2010
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